GunDamit Premium Account Privilege:
You can get 1 GunDamit points after you spent $1 at GunDamit.

You can deduct $1 by using 100 GunDamit Points when checking out.
(Equals to 1% Off For All Purchase)

You can get 3 GunDamit Points after you spent $1 at GunDamit if you upgrade your account to Premium.
(Equals to Total 3% Off For All Purchase)

Premium Account cost is $9.99 for one year.
Receive a $9.99 
Refund if You Spend Less Than $500 within a Year of Upgrading!
Exceptional case: We found the premium member has already received significant additional points in the past year by comments or likes and so on.

As an added feature, your premium member status applies to BOTH and websites. And there is a cross-points system, all the points can be used on both websites. (e.x. points can be redeemed on and vice versa)

Besides, Premium Account gets EXTRA points for comments and likes! For detail Click.
Upgrade to Premium Member now, click Upgrade/Extend to show the payment methods.